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CAIRO Health is here to transform the way you manage musculoskeletal assessments. With our fully automated platform, you can start using our advanced technology today and experience the benefits firsthand.


Our advanced AI assistant, CAIRO, goes beyond just assessments. He also serves as a valuable resource from insights on billing questions, app navigation, to musculoskeletal health. CAIRO is always available to assist you and your patients.

Platform Features


Complete Full Body Assessment
Instantly assess the entire musculoskeletal system with precision and accuracy.

Medical Reports

Instantly generate musculoskeletal assessment reports including DME recommendations and billing codes.


Increase revenue with reimbursable assessments and streamlined workflows.

Cairo Health

Exclusive DME Shop
and Affiliate Program

You and your patients will enjoy exclusive access to our DME shop. Here, your patients can acquire recommended DMEs out-of-pocket, giving you the opportunity to earn commissions as an affiliate.

Remote Patient Monitoring
And Follow-Up Care

Remotely prompt patients to complete assessments through the METADOC.AI app.


Access an intuitive dashboard with tailored analytics for patient management.

Advanced Technology
and Robust Security

Rest assured with HIPAA and SOC compliance, ensuring your data privacy and security.


Step into the future of intelligent musculoskeletal healthcare!


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