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CAIRO HEALTH API is the backend API developed by METADOC.AI to simplify the process of prescribing and billing for Durable Medical Equipment (DME). With this cutting-edge tool, doctors, clinics, and healthcare organizations can enhance efficiency and save valuable time and resources.

By seamlessly integrating with CAIRO, our intelligent virtual assistant, CAIRO HEALTH API enables healthcare providers to effortlessly match DME with billable insurance codes, eliminating the need to navigate through complex insurance regulations manually. With CAIRO Essential, doctors can confidently prescribe the right equipment for their patients, enhancing the overall quality of care and patient outcomes.

Our goal is to simplify healthcare processes and improve patient outcomes through technology.  Let us help you save time, streamline workflows, and provide exceptional care. Together, we can make a difference in healthcare like never before.


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Easy to use

Easily find the DME Lookup tool in your dashboard and have CAIRO search through hundreds of thousands of insurance databases in seconds.


Simply add the code or diagnosis and let CAIRO do the rest. You can even search by insurance provider.


Patient Data Integration

  • Seamless Data Retrieval: Enter patient's Medical Record Number (MRN) to access diagnosis codes, insurance information, and more.
  • Streamlined Process: Eliminates manual data entry, enhancing efficiency.

Diagnosis and Insurance Company Search

  • Intuitive Search Feature: Query DME items by diagnosis and insurance company.
  • Flexible Usage: Useful when patient's MRN is unavailable, ensuring no interruption in care.

Insurance Coverage Verification

  • Automated Verification: Instantly confirms DME coverage by the patient's insurance.
  • Accuracy & Up-to-date: Ensures providers have current coverage information for DMEs.

Historical Approval Records

  • Access to Past Approvals: Reviews which DMEs were approved by which insurance company.
  • Strategic Planning: Aids in understanding insurer preferences and making informed decisions.

Contracted Rates and Coverage Details

  • Transparent Contracted Rates: Access database of DME rates and coverage by insurance.
  • Informed Discussions: Promotes clarity in cost and reimbursement discussions with patients.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Detailed Eligibility Criteria: Displays insurance approval requirements for DME items.
  • Guided Compliance: Assists providers in meeting specific insurance criteria for approval.

Eligibility Check Integration

  • Streamlined Eligibility Checks: Request checks directly through METADOC.AI.
  • Efficient Insurance Navigation: Retrieves and presents eligibility data from insurance, simplifying the process.

Use CAIRO to scan patients and easily match insurance codes for durable medical equipment using our proprietary CAIRO Essential algorithm.

No more spending hours sifting through countless insurance codes. CAIRO Essential gets it done in seconds.



Whether you are a doctor, clinic, or group, CAIRO Essential saves you time and money.

Faster DME code matches equates to seeing more patients and more accurate prescriptions.

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The ultimate dme solution


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