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Introducing CAIRO Essential: Streamlining Durable Medical Equipment Prescription and Insurance Billing At METADOC.AI, we are committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to improve patient care and optimize healthcare workflows. We are proud to introduce CAIRO Essential, our cutting-edge backend API that seamlessly integrates with healthcare organizations, clinics, and doctors to simplify the process of prescribing and billing for Durable Medical Equipment (DME).

CAIRO Essential is designed to be the ultimate tool for doctors, clinics, and organizations looking to enhance efficiency and save valuable time and resources. Our comprehensive backend API seamlessly connects with CAIRO, our intelligent virtual assistant, enabling healthcare providers to effortlessly match DME with billable insurance codes and streamline the entire process. With CAIRO Essential, doctors no longer have to navigate through complex insurance regulations and spend countless hours manually matching DME equipment with appropriate insurance codes.

With CAIRO Essential, doctors can confidently prescribe the right equipment for their patients, enhancing the overall quality of care and patient outcomes. At METADOC.AI, we believe that technology should simplify and enhance healthcare processes, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients. With CAIRO Essential, we are revolutionizing the way DME is prescribed and billed, transforming the experience for doctors and patients alike. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to innovate and reshape the future of healthcare with CAIRO Essential. Let us help you save time, streamline workflows, and provide exceptional care. Together, we can make a difference in healthcare like never before.


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Our AI algorithms flawlessly identify the correct codes for a wide range of DME, including knee braces, back supports, and much more. By automating this task, CAIRO Essential empowers doctors to focus on what truly matters - providing exceptional care to their patients.

The incredible efficiency provided by CAIRO Essential directly translates into significant time and cost savings for healthcare providers. By speeding up the DME prescription process and simplifying insurance billing, doctors can optimize their workflows and dedicate more time to patient care. Gone are the days of arduous paperwork, back-and-forth communication with insurance providers, and administrative hassles.

CAIRO Essential takes care of it all, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for both medical professionals and patients. But the benefits of CAIRO Essential don't end there. Our backend API also offers comprehensive intelligence on the latest DME options available in the market, ensuring that doctors have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information when making DME recommendations.


Use CAIRO to scan patients and easily match insurance codes for durable medical equipment using our proprietary CAIRO Essential algorithm.

No more spending hours sifting through countless insurance codes. CAIRO Essential gets it done in seconds.



Whether you are a doctor, clinic, or group, CAIRO Essential saves you time and money.

Faster DME code matches equates to seeing more patients and more accurate prescriptions.


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Easily find the DME Lookup tool in your dashboard and have CAIRO search through hundreds of thousands of insurance databases in seconds.


Simply add the code or diagnosis and let CAIRO do the rest. You can even search by insurance provider.


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